In the Texas Legislature, Eddie Morales was the only Member to put forward a comprehensive state program to effectively secure our border. His plan would have allocated more resources to our ports, cracked down on river crossings, and implement a bracero-type jobs program to fulfill job and agricultural vacancies – boosting our economy and providing order to our border. He was also a Joint Author for Operation Lone Star, which kept our communities financially afloat. Eddie Morales also Joint Sponsored legislation to crack down on human smuggling signed by Governor Abbott. He believes that we need common sense approaches and collaboration with our neighbors and allies across the border to curb the crisis our communities have faced.

Eddie Morales knows well the importance of safeguarding Texan’s freedoms and Constitutional liberties. He supports your right to bear arms and protect your family – that is why he carries with him daily. He fully agrees and understands the importance of common-sense policies alongside our law enforcement to ensure firearms don’t get into the wrong hands and pose a danger to our public spaces. He also believes in the importance of bodily autonomy from government mandates; from vaccines to reproductive healthcare, people, not the government, are the best judgment of their needs.

No one should have to feel the fear of a school shooting when sending their children to school. Children should be focused on their education and not worried about their safety. Eddie Morales will fight to increase funding for school safety programs that adds more resources for school security and mental health programs focused on early intervention. As a society, we need to stop shying away from discussing the importance of mental health. And as your State Representative, Eddie will increase resources for mental health including incentives for providers to serve rural areas.

Eddie Morales is running for State Representative to give back to our community. Morales’ parents instilled in him life lessons he would abide by – the value of hard work, saving money, extending a helping hand to those in need, and treating everyone with respect. He understands that education and job training skills will help people create a better life for themselves and provide for their families. Specifically, Eddie will work towards increasing the state’s share of public education expenses, to take the burden off of our local districts. He will work to expand resources for Sul Ross campuses in Alpine, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio. Recognizing that not every student is college-bound, Eddie will work to expand the technical and vocational skills training programs available in our public high schools.

Eddie Morales will focus on creating an atmosphere that supports economic development and creating high-skill and high- paying jobs. He owns a local tortilla factory and other small businesses in our area. He is proud that he has created jobs for many local residents. The tortilla factory has now been in business for 32 years and Eddie worked there growing up, before buying the business from his parents. The impact of regulations and the tough decisions that business owners make has been a part of his entire upbringing. Eddie knows how to attract job-creating businesses to our region because he’s been a job creator himself, for more than 20 years.

Eddie Morales will increase funding for women’s healthcare, providing lower-income women with increased access to cancer screenings and mammograms. Our reimbursement rates for Medicaid are too low and causing a crisis that’s unfair to providers and inaccessible for patients. Eddie will work to increase reimbursement rates for Medicaid and support programs to attract more physicians to rural areas.

Texans are feeling the pressures from an underfunded transportation system. Construction costs are growing and our current infrastructure can’t keep up. The costs of repairs and new projects are more than our local county and city governments can afford on their own. We all pay gasoline taxes to the state and the state collects billions in severance taxes from oil and gas production in our region. Both of those revenue sources go toward transportation funding, but our communities have been ignored. Eddie Morales will fight to increase our fair share of state transportation funding.